Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

We are here to support, guide and advocate for the PPCHS students who are eligible for Exceptional Student Education Services. We aim to foster independence, self- advocacy, life long learning skills, academic as well as personal success in each of our students. We encourage a team approach through active communication between all parties invested (parent, teacher, ESE, student, administration, guidance) in our students’ daily quest for personal achievement.


Teach our children resilience…Teach them to understand; when they fall down they can get back up.

Ese Student Transition to College

  • LD and College Choice
  • Checklist-Transitioning from HS to College
  • College Funding for Students with Disabilities
  • Transition to College Booklet
  • The Transition to College and the IEP

Articles of Interest

Study Aids/Tips

Student Personal Organizational Tools

Parent Education Workshops for ESE

PPCHS Free Tutoring Opportunities

Applying for Accommodations-SAT/ACT Testing



  • Register for ACT Test Online
  • Bring Registration Confirmation to ESE Specialist
  • ESE Specialist Will Complete Page 2 of Application
  • Form Will Be Sent Home for Parent to Complete Page1 of Application
  • Parent Will Mail Application in to ACT
  • Decision Typically in 7 Weeks From Receipt of Application