About the High School

  1. Alumni

    Find out about the official alumni Facebook page and read the newsletter.

  2. Cambridge

    Read through FAQs, a brochure and an introduction to Cambridge schools.

  3. Curriculum (PDF)

    Read through the school year curriculum guide.

  4. Exemption Form (PDF)

    Print a copy of the school's official exemption form.

  5. Graduation Requirements

    Find out what extracurricular activities are required, what the grading scale is and the different diploma standards.

  6. High School Academic Profile (PDF)

    Find out who the staff members are, demographics, mean ACT scores and more.

  7. Parent Student Handbook (PDF)

    Learn about our school using this blueprint for success.

  8. PPCHS Media Center

    Find out what's happening at the PPCHS Media Center by visiting their official website.

  9. School Calendar (PDF)

    View events that are happening at the school with this calendar.

  10. School Uniform

    Visit the Planet-T website and find a coupon for uniform pieces.