Book Club

The PPCHS Book Club meets on Wednesday's after school in the SWR Library Teen Room to help promote reading in our school and the community.  The Book Club has a book drive every year, volunteers every Friday in the Library Coffee Shop,  and earns service hours throughout the year.  This year we’ve adopted a book shelf in the Southwest Regional Library and will be creating a monthly book display.  Book Club members participate in the Broward County Battle of The Books competition, book discussions and many other activities.

For more information contact Ms. Chorzelewski.

Every Friday Book Club members earn volunteer hours opening the Southwest Regional Library Snack Shop. All the proceeds from the snack shop go to fund library programs. Here’s how much money we’ve brought in for the library:

2015/2016 $1335.66
2014/2015 $1885.26
2013/2014 $1817.40
2012/2013 $1458.60
2011/2012 $1472.29
2010/2011 $1377.50
2009/2010 $1575.40
2008/2009 $1396.77
2007/2008 $866.74
2006/2007 $1235.19