Tier 2: Bright Futures 

75-100 Hours Florida Academic Scholars (part of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships)

Volunteer Service is one of the qualifications for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. These hours could include a combination of the Service Learning required hours and hours earned for the Student Volunteer Service Program.
  • Hours earned as part of the Student Volunteer Service Program must be documented on the Volunteer Service Record Log Sheet and must comply with rules of that program.
  • The student must give copies of the log sheets required to verify service hours for the Florida Bright Futures Scholars Program Scholarship to his/her guidance counselor.
  • The number of hours required to qualify for each of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Programs are as follows:
    • Gold Seal Vocational Scholars - 30 hours (This requirement will be met by Broward County’s 40 hour graduation requirement)
    • Florida Medallion Scholars - 75 hours
    • Florida Academic Scholars - 100 hours