Tier 2: Bright Futures 

75 Hours Florida Academic Scholars (part of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships)

Volunteer Service is one of the qualifications for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. These hours could include a combination of the Service Learning required hours and hours earned for the Student Volunteer Service Program.
  • Hours earned as part of the Student Volunteer Service Program must be documented on the Volunteer Service Record Log Sheet and must comply with rules of that program.
  • The student must give copies of the log sheets required to verify service hours for the Florida Bright Futures Scholars Program Scholarship to his/her guidance counselor.
  • The number of hours required to qualify for each of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Programs are as follows:
    • Gold Seal Vocational Scholars - 30 hours (This requirement will be met by Broward County’s 40 hour graduation requirement)
    • Florida Medallion Scholars - 75 hours
    • Florida Academic Scholars - 100 hours