High School Parents

  1. Incoming 9th Grade Parents (PDF)

    Browse this document for information for parents of incoming 9th graders.

  2. Orientation 2016-2017 (PDF)

    Find out what happens at the 2015-2016 orientation.

  3. Orientation 2016-2017 Packet (PDF)

    Print off the 2015-2016 orientation packet to take with you.

  4. Parent Advisory Board

  5. Parent Volunteer Information

    Although the City of Pembroke Pines sends letters throughout the year to advise total parent volunteer hours, it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to keep track of their own hours.

  6. Parent Matriculation 2020 (PDF)

    Read though a document provided for parents of students in the 2021 class.

  7. Parent Newsletter

    Read though the parent newsletter.

  8. Virtual Counselor Student / Parent Login

    Log into the virtual counselor for online information

  9. 9th Grade Parent Workshop

  10. 9th Grade Advanced Curriculum Presentation