Florida Teens Read

The Florida Teens Read books below will be coming soon to S225 and the Media Center near you! All of the information provided below is from the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME). Book Club members participate in Battle of the Books every year which are based on these 15 books. They are presented with quotes from this selection of books and the team has 10 seconds to determine which book is being quoted. 

The BellesClayton, Dhonielle. The Belles. Disney-Hyperion, 2018.

In the extravagant world of Orleans, where everyone is born gray, beauty is life and life is beauty. Only a select groupof young women called the Belles can bring the citizens what they desire with their magical powers to transformanyone and make them beautiful. Camellia Beauregard was born for her role as a Belle and is destined to become theQueen’s favorite, but all is not as lovely as it seems. Politics, jealousy and deception threaten the Belles and the wholeway of life in Orleans. What is the true nature of the Belles’ powers? Is Orleans worth saving? Will Camellia find herinner strength in time to save her world as she knows it?
Levenseller, Tricia. Daughter of the Pirate King. Feiwel & Friends, 2017.

Alosa, the daughter of the Pirate King and a Siren, is a fierce pirate princess who isn’t intimidated by anyone excepther father. When he sends her on a mission to find an ancient map, she purposely gets kidnapped by an enemy shipso she will have ample time for her search. Alosa is clever and manipulative but may have met her match in Riden,the attractive and equally deceptive first mate. When her search comes up empty, Alosa resorts to using her secretpower, but will she find what she is looking for before it is too late?
Daughter of the Pirate King
Defy the StarsGray, Claudia. Defy the Stars. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017.

Noemi Vidal, a soldier fighting for the survival of her planet, Genesis, knows what it means to sacrifice one’s life. Abelis a machine, lost and isolated in space for 30 years. His advanced programming is evolving and his only goal is to befound so he can reunite with his creator. Noemi’s path crosses Abel’s when she is forced to board his ship. Enemies toone another, they are thrown on an interstellar path where loyalties are questioned, and bonds are forged.
Zentner, Jeff. Goodbye Days. Crown Books for Young Readers, 2017.

Carver’s three best friends, Mars, Eli, and Blake, are gone – they were killed in a car crash just after Carver sent a textmessage to the driver. Not only is he dealing with his own guilt over the accident, but he’s trying to reconstruct his lifewithout his friends while surrounded by people who blame him for their deaths. Blake’s grandmother introducesCarver to the idea of Goodbye Days. But when the other families start asking to spend Goodbye Days with Carver, heis skeptical. Do they want to seek revenge or are they all just looking for a way to cope and make peace? Will theGoodbye Days help him forgive himself or will he end up institutionalized, incarcerated, or dead himself?

Goodbye Days
The Hate You GiveThomas, Angie. The Hate U Give. Balzer + Bray, 2017.

Starr Carter is a typical 16-year old who’s just trying to navigate family, friends and school. She has been managing to fit in at her fancy suburban prep school where most of the students don’t even know that she comes from the neighboring ghetto of Garden Heights, but fitting in means straddling two worlds. Starr’s worlds collide one fateful night when she accepts a ride home from a party from her childhood friend, Khalil, and they are pulled over by police. Khalil, who is unarmed, is shot and killed by the police officer. The incident becomes a national headline and suddenly Starr is faced with finding her voice, even if it means upsetting her friends and throwing her community into chaos.Can one person’s voice make a difference?
Brennan, Sarah Rees. In Other Lands. Big Mouth House, 2017.

Elliot is smart, obnoxiously so, and has always wanted to see a mermaid. When he goes on a field trip with his classand is the only one who can see a wall, he does the logical thing; climbs over it. Elliot finds himself in the Borderlands,a place where technological devices explode and harpies and elves are abundant. Elliot falls in love with one such elf,Serene-Heart-in-the-Chaos-of-Battle, and as such must also suffer the company of her human friend, sunny andlovable Luke. Though classes are mostly focused on battle training, Elliot manages to find a world of exotic books.Pairing his brain with his friends' brawn, he might be able to improve his new home in the Borderlands.
Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.04.16 PM
Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.04.07 PMGraudin, Ryan. Invictus. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017.

Farway has always dreamed of becoming a time traveler like his mother, but those hopes are shattered when he failshis final exam and is expelled from the Corps, obliterating his chances of working on a Central Time Machine. He isdespairing his fate when a letter arrives offering him a second chance as the captain of a crew for a black marketoperation that travels through time to steal valuable historical artifacts. When an odd girl named Eliot shows upduring a routine heist, she shakes things up with secrets that could change everything. Can Farway and his crew savethe universe from a mysterious threat before it’s too late?
Kemmerer, Brigid. Letters to the Lost. Bloomsbury, 2017.

Juliet Young and Declan Murphy don’t travel in the same circles. Juliet is an AP student who once loved photographybut hasn’t picked up a camera since her mother, a famous photojournalist, was killed in car accident. Declan is abarely passing student who has been court-ordered to clean the cemetery after a drunk driving accident. When hefinds a letter Juliet has left on her mother’s grave, he is intrigued and writes back. Both enraged and curious, Julietresponds and an unusual correspondence begins. While Juliet and Declan’s real-life encounters are anything butpleasant, their letters demonstrate a shared understanding of one another’s pain. Is it possible for their connection tosurvive when their identities are revealed, or will the truth drive them apart?
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Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.03.41 PMRoe, Robin. A List of Cages. Disney-Hyperion, 2017.

Adam is pleased to discover that his former foster brother goes to his high school. Julian, now fourteen, lived withAdam's family after his parents died in a car accident and Adam has always thought of him protectively as a youngerbrother. Adam wants to include him in activities with his friends, but Julian has changed. He's withdrawn andsecretive. Something's strange, too, about the way his uncle showed up to claim him from foster care and the wayJulian just disappeared. When Julian disappears again, Adam wants to know why. He tracks Julian down, but thetruth can be dangerous and far creepier than Adam ever imagined.
Ahmed, Samira. Love, Hate & Other Filters. Soho Press, 2018.

Seventeen-year-old Maya Aziz wants nothing more in the world than to graduate and move to New York City and goto film school. And maybe to spend her senior year dating Phil, a boy she has known forever who may finally benoticing her. The only issue is that as a Muslim and an Indian-American, her parents have a different set ofexpectations for her. They expect her to attend college close to home and date a suitable Muslim boy who she caneventually marry. Maya is struggling to find a way to make them understand that she needs to follow her dreamswhen suddenly her disagreement with her parents is insignificant. A terrorist attack takes place in the United States.It stokes the fires of racism and fear in her community and causes Maya to face the ugliness in the world and findinner strength. Does she dare to dream about her own future when she needs to worry about the safety of her family?

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Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.02.39 PMLarbalestier, Justine. My Sister Rosa. Allen & Unwin, 2016.

Che, a smart, charming, and handsome boxer in training, is funny, kind, and caring. His pretty little sister Rosa onlypretends to be those things, as her fake smile and adorable dimples hide the fact that she fits the profile of a buddingpsychopath. As Che tries to balance being in a new country, a love interest, finding new friends and missing old ones,he also is losing hope that his parents will ever see Rosa the way he does. Although he loves his sister, he recognizesthat she is terrifyingly good at deception, and feels it’s only a matter of time before she hurts someone – or worse.Still, Che feels it’s his duty to protect his sister, even though it’s more likely that the world needs protection from her.
Barr, Emily. The One Memory of Flora Banks. Philomel (Random Penguin House), 2017.

Flora Banks has no short-term memory thanks to a tumor that was removed from her brain when she was ten yearsold. Flora is used to losing her memories until she kisses her best friend's boyfriend, and that's the one new memorythat sticks. Flora is convinced that there must be something powerful between her and Drake, so she decides to fly toNorway to reunite with him and see if his love can heal her. Will seeing Drake again heal her mind, or will moremysteries be revealed?
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Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.02.59 PMElston, Ashley. This Is Our Story. Disney-Hyperion, 2016.

"A ten-point buck and a dead body make the same sound when they hit the forest floor." The opening line of this pageturner introduces the mystery of the River Point Boys. Five boys go hunting. Only four come back. The boys won't saywho fired the shot that killed their friend. The evidence shows it could have been any one of them and their vow tostick to “their story” almost destroys them all. Kate Marino is spending her senior year interning at the DA’s office.When her boss is handed the biggest case her small town of Belle Terre has ever seen, she is determined to do her partto solve the crime. As the mystery unravels, personal and political secrets of small town life are revealed.
Pon, Cindy. Want. Simon Pulse, 2017.

In near-future Taipei, the air is so polluted that the poor are suffering and dying while the rich wear suits filled with purified air. Jason Zhou is devastated by the loss of his mother who died due to the pollution and becomes determined to change things. Jason and his friends discover that the Jin Corporation is most likely the cause of the pollution. They come up with a plan to save their city--Jason will infiltrate the company to discover its secrets.However, his involvement with Jin daughter's, Daiyu, and the information he discovers puts him and his allies at risk.
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Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.03.15 PMBuxbaum, Julie. What to Say Next. Delacourte, 2017.

At first glance, Kit Lowell and David Drucker have little in common. Kit is a pretty and popular while David, who describes himself as having a “borderline case of Asberger’s” has no close friends. However, when Kit’s friends don’t understand why she can’t move past her grief over her Dad’s recent death, Kit impulsively takes a seat beside David in the cafeteria and an unexpected friendship is born. Kit appreciates that David always tell her the truth (whether she wants to hear it or not) while David admires Kit’s beauty and kindness. Gradually, they find out that friendship and maybe even love can be found in the most unlikely situations.