Summer Assignment

Celebrating Reading Success

All students will complete the assignment listed below. All work is worth a quiz grade. Assignment will be due the Friday we return to school. 

Students are expected to read a novel that is new to them.  It may not be a book they have read in class before.

Summer Assignment

- Choose 1 book (fiction or non) that is within your Lexile level (NO C
aptain Underpants, Dork Diaries, nor Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and complete one of the assignments below.  Recommended Lexile levels are listed below.You are welcomed to choose novels above your Lexile level:
  • Entering 6th grade: Minimum 665
  • Entering 7th grade: Minimum 735
  • Entering 8th grade: Minimum 805
You may search for the novel purchased to identify the Lexile level

The summer reading assignments are listed below by grade level.  Students have to choose and complete one of the assignments under their designated grade level.  Assignments are due the 1st week of school and will be the 1st grade entered in the grade book in the Language Arts classes. 

6th Grade Reading Assignments

7th Grade Reading Assignments

8th Grade Reading Assignments

Celebrating Math Success

We are thrilled to introduce to you our Math program under the direction of Khan Academy. The following are the requirements: 

- Students will complete the assignments by Sunday of each week.  Students are able to skip two weeks (to account for any vacations or family/friends time). Any weeks that are skipped must be completed during the last two weeks. However, if you don’t skip any weeks, you will have nothing to complete the last two weeks of summer.
-Your teacher will upload each week’s grade in Jupiter.
- Each skill will include helpful videos that are optional. The practice assignments are what must be completed. 
- Use the handouts below to assist you in completing the tasks.

6th Grade Handout

7th Grade Handout

8th Grade Handout



Should you have questions, please contact Ms. Coolidge at

Students were given their username and password for the program via Jupiter Grades.  Username and password is the student's first initial (capital letter), full last name (first letter capitalized) and DOB.  See examples below:

Student Name:  Marco Polo        DOB:  July 25                    Username & Password for iReady:  MPolo0725

This assignment should be completed independently without the assistance of others as the program individually caters to the student's ability levels.