Summer Assignment

We are excited to announce our 2016 summer reading selection! Students will choose 1 (regular Language Arts) or 2 (Cambridge Language Arts) books based on their interest. There is no list - the choice is yours! For the Cambridge program, teachers are recommending students read one fiction and one non-fiction novel. Most recommended books will be available at our Scholastic Book Fair. You may also purchase your books on the scholastic website (we will send the school's scholastic page closer to the book fair). All proceeds made from the Scholastic Book Fair will benefit our school.

Students are required to read books based on their grade-level Lexile scores. Each book listed on the Scholastic website has the Lexile range. Please note the Language Arts teachers will give each child their lexile score. Below is the range suitable for our middle school learners:
  • Entering 16-17 school year 6th grade: 665-1000
  • Entering 16-17 school year 7th grade: 735-1065
  • Entering 16-17 school year 8th grade: 805-1100
If you choose a book outside the Scholastic website, you may search for the novel purchased to identify the Lexile level. For more information, please view the information on the link titled, "Summer Reading Book Fair."

Summer Reading Assignments

The summer reading assignments are listed below. Students in standard/regular Language Arts will choose 1 project from the list below. Students in the Cambridge program will choose two different projects (one for each novel). Projects are due the 1st week of school and will be the 1st grade entered in the grade book in the Language Arts classes. In addition, teachers in Reading will assign supplementary assignments tied to the summer reading selection.

Celebrating Math Success

We are thrilled to introduce to you our Math program under the direction of TenMarks. The summer math assignment (PDF) is due on August 24th, 2015 (the first day of school). For a detailed description of the program, please click on the picture to the left of your screen.