Student Government


The Student Government Association (usually referred to as SGA) is a student-ran organization that is responsible for making the school a better place and enriching the high school experience for the Student Body. It is our job to not only boost school spirit, but to also encourage students to become more involved within PPCHS; whether it be clubs, sports, community involvement, or even helping students improve their grades.


Although we do plan almost many events and activities that take place at our school, many students are unaware that SGA is also involved with competitions between different school districts (which take place at conventions around Florida).

Every year, the PPCHS SGA puts together all the activities and events we’ve done into multiple binders and take them with us to FASC (Florida Association of Student Councils) and we are then judged on everything from grammar to project planning and execution.

This past year, we were awarded Gold for our Medallion binder overall.

Even though students witness all the tutus, crowns, and glitter that SGA showcases, there’s a lot we do that goes on behind closed doors. We hope to have a great year ahead of us and that you all are there to support it!


To become an officer of the Student Government Association, a student must meet the requirements listed in the SGA Constitution (essentially a 2.5 GPA and current student PPCHS) and win a schoolwide election. To become a general member of the SGA, a student must apply to Mr. Curry (the SGA Advisor) during the announced enrollment period in the 4th quarter of the school year.

The officer meetings are on Monday’s in room U-225 at 2:10 p.m.

For more information, please send an email to the Student Government Association.