High School Programs

  1. Athletics

    Read about upcoming events and athletic tryouts while locating helpful forms or Athletic staff.

  2. Clubs

    Browse the options available for participation in school clubs.

  3. College Advising / Visits

    Locate details of institutes that will be offering informational meetings for students during the school day.

  4. Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

    We are here to support, guide and advocate for the PPCHS students who are eligible for Exceptional Student Education Services.

  5. Prowler Yearbook

    Now that the year has kicked into high gear it’s easy to understand how you can forget things such as buying your Yearbook. Because of this we the Yearbook Staff are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your book.

  6. School Publications

    Find information on the chat newspaper, chat video news, and morning announcements.

  7. Silver Knights

    Download forms and applications from the Silver Knights program.

  8. Testing Schedule

    Download and print the testing schedule.

  9. Virtual Counselor

    Login to our website as either a parent or student.